August 3, 2012

Mom to Mom Supreme Diapers

The other day I ran into Safeway to grab a box of diapers. I'm usually a Huggies mom but I couldn't help but notice that there was another brand that I was not familiar with and it was $5 cheaper than the popular name brand competitors. Introducing Mom to Mom Supreme Diapers, an economical and dependable line of diapers (and other baby products) by Safeway. We are almost through the box and we have not experienced one leak.

FYI: I started out using Smarti Pants cloth diapers with Morgie and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately we tend to travel a lot and I found myself using disposable diapers whenever we were away from home. These one sized pocket cloth diapers are cheaper than most of their competitors, have a genius adjustable snap system that allows you to use them into toddlerhood, and are made in the USA.

If you are looking for a great cloth swimming diaper, GNG highly recommends the Bummis Swimmi cloth diapers. We have used them for the past two summers and have been completely satisfied. Check them out at the GNG shopping cart (page 2).


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