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Crab Dip

Horseradish makes this crab dip zing! When I make this, it is a given that my husband is going to burn the roof of his mouth off because he can't wait for it to cool "a little" before diving into it. View the printer-friendly Crab Dip Recipe Card

Three Grain Muffins

I want a blueberry... no wait, banana nut... no, apple cinnamon muffin. Can't decide what type of muffin you want this morning, this muffin recipe can satisfy all of your hankerings. Healthy, versatile, and the batter lasts in the fridge for 1 month! View the printer-friendly Three Grain Muffins Recipe Card

Maine Chocolate Doughnuts

Last December, my Dad was insistent that we make these doughnuts while I was home visiting for the Christmas season. I was so glad that we did because not only are they delicious but they are part of my family's heritage. These doughnuts are made with potatoes, and my Mom's family the Griffins were potato farmers in Mapleton, Maine. These doughnuts bring me back to my roots :) View the printer-friendly Maine Chocolate Doughnuts Recipe Card

Aunt Peg's Wicked Good Zucchini Quiche

As a young girl, I have many fond memories of sitting on our back deck eating a slice of my Mom's zucchini quiche and sipping on an ice cold glass of homemade iced tea . This recipe is a pot-luck pleaser that is a cinch to make and the finished product looks impressive. This is a great recipe for little helpers because the crust is made out of a refrigerated package of Pillsbury croissants. So while you are slicing and sauteing, your little helper can roll out the dough and piece together into the pie dish. View the printer-friendly Zucchini Quiche Recipe Card

Maine Clam Dip

Nothing says "Maine" more than good old clam dip. Whether you are playing cards, having a pizza night, or going to a party, clam dip is an easy appetizer to make. The first time I brought my husband to Maine, we stayed at the Meadowmere Hotel in Ogunquit, and I packed a small cooler with clam dip and chips for snacks in the room. I guess he decided that not only was the clam dip a keeper, but so was I, because two years later we returned to Ogunquit Beach to say " I DO!" View the printer-friendly Clam Dip Recipe Card

Citrus Haddock

This is a beautiful healthy dish that is easy to make. If you are trying to add a little more fish to your diet, then this is a great dish to start using. View the printer-friendly Citrus Haddock Recipe Card

Seafood Pasta Salad

This is absolutely my favorite pasta salad, hands down. Once warm weather hits, I CRAVE this dish! It has definitely proven to be a crowd pleaser at barbeques and potlucks. The tri-color corkscrew noodles adds an aesthetic pizzaz. The use of imitation crab keeps the cost down but does not jeopardize the quality. Don't let the word "imitation" turn you away. Trust me! View the printer-friendly Seafood Pasta Salad Recipe Card

Arroz con Pollo (Chicken with Rice)

Arroz con Pollo is a traditional Cuban dish that is typically reserved for late afternoon Sunday meals that the whole family enjoys together. It is a one-pot dish that combines chicken, vegetables, and rice. A quick disclosure. I did not make the arroz con pollo pictured here... my husband did. This was the first dish he made when he met my parents. Both he and this dish are Bryer family favorites :) Download the printer-friendly Arroz con Pollo Recipe Card Download text-only recipe

Puerco Asado con Frijoles Negro (Roasted Pork with Black Beans)

If it's your first time coming over to our house for dinner, more than likely I am preparing this dish.  This is the authentic Cuban pork shoulder topped with "mojo" and served with the best black beans you've ever had.  It takes a bit of time to prepare, but it's a crowd pleaser and well worth the wait. On his first trip to visit me in Lowell, MA, Scott whipped up this dish while I was at work. On my way home as I was walking down the hallway to my apartment, I experienced the most amazing aroma, and thought to myself "God I hope this is coming from MY apartment." When I opened the door, the aroma intensified...and so did my feelings for this handsome Doctoral candidate/volunteer firefighter that was preparing this gourmet meal. And the best part is, he had called his Mom for help several times throughout the process. This was the beginning of my love for Cuban food and Cuban Cooking. View the printer-friendly Puerco Asado Recipe Card View the prin