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I Remember U Bears

I often refer to my mom as the original Martha Stewart. When she does something, she does it well... more like perfectly.  In kindergarden and first grade I was decked out in intricate dresses that she had sewn together from McCall's and Butterick  patterns. I grew up eating three homemade meals a day that were accompanied by handmade cloth napkins and individual butter molds in shapes of sea shells and such. For holidays she would always bring something in for my class. For instance, on Christmas she would arrive with a popcorn and marshmallow Christmas tree decorated with healthy snacks. At home she would always add a touch of creativity, like making our mashed potatoes and milk green for St. Patrick's Day. Basically, I grew up in a world of Pinterest ... literally. Right before my freshman year of high school my family moved to the Chicago area... Orland Park, IL to be exact. It was a transformative time for everyone, including my mom. She decided to go back to school,