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Copycat recipe for Cinnabon Rolls

Looking for the best Copycat recipe for Cinnabon rolls? Look no further, I found this golden nugget recipe on . 

It’s not about Perfection It’s about Connection

Can you believe that I almost put this cake that I made as a gift in the garbage because I didn’t think it was good enough? I put a ton of energy and love into this cake, but I ran into a few problems throughout the baking process that threatened to make my cake less than what I believed was perfect. Did I bite the bullet and just bring the cake as it was, leaving me vulnerable to its imperfections, or did I pitch it and simply bring the cake stand by itself so I could avoid revealing my imperfections to others. Read on for the full story. Last April, I had the honor of attending my friend Amelia’s bridal shower. Amelia loves to bake and since she and her fiancé had just moved into their first home I decided to get a 4-in-1 crystal cake stand that she could proudly display her baking creations on in her new kitchen. Then my Type-A personality came into play, and I thought to myself it would be a pretty standout presentation at the shower to have my homemade carrot c