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Homemade Pita Chips

Pita Chips sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese I can make a bag of pita chips disappear pretty quickly, how about you? Although Stacy's is my go to brand at the grocery store it turns out that I can make them for 1/3 of the price at home....and in 20 minutes. Paired with this low-fat  homemade hummus recipe , you are well on your way to fattening your wallet and slimming your waistline. That's a win win combination! Download the Printer-Friendly Pita Chips Recipe Card

Carlty Bryer's Wicked Good Coleslaw

This zesty coleslaw is a refreshing side that always accompanies my dad's ribs and potato salad . It is definitely worth taking an extra few minutes to freshly grate the cabbage and carrots, but you can also make it in 5 minutes with a package of coleslaw. For me, the addition of a chopped granny smith apple is a must. Download the Printer-Friendly  Coleslaw Recipe Card

Hawaiian Ahi Poke

Historically Hawaiian fisherman would slice fresh fish into bite sized pieces ( poke)  and season it with a little sea salt and seaweed. Nowadays in the Hawaiian Islands you can find hundreds of variations of poke everywhere, from the local grocery store to exclusive restaurants like Nick's Fish Market in Maui. (We had an amazing dinner at Nick's on our honeymoon in 2007 and highly recommend putting that on your "to do" list if you go there on vacation. ) This Ahi Poke  recipe  exemplifies perfection in simplicity. Simple to make and simply melts in your mouth. Once you have made it you can experiment with other seasonings and fish if you like. And, for my fellow foodie adventurers, celebrity chef Sam Choy holds an annual Poke Contest in Keahou, HI.  FYI- Here is an interesting article on what is considered sushi grade , you may be surprised. I get my Ahi in the freezer section at our local HMart.

The Best Travel Agent

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon - June, 2007 How many times have you clicked on an internet travel deal only to find that the final price is way more than initially advertised or the dates you need aren't available . Maybe you got a great deal, but missed a few fine print details and your trip was ruined, and you had no one to call to help fix the problem. I have a solution... and her name is Lisa Olson from Simmon's Travel, Inc. I was first introduced to Lisa when she booked a Carnival Cruise trip to Nassau, Bahamas for me and three of my girlfriends. It was on the last night of this cruise that I met my husband Scott. I have been relying on Lisa ever since to book all of our travel needs. She is a well-seasoned travel agent that has the knowledge to customize the perfect vacation based on the criteria you give her. Her customer service and attention to detail are impeccable. Miami Sunrise Carnival Cruise 04 Beantown Bunch Terminal 3 MIA She is

Carlty Bryer's Wicked Good Potato Salad

Everyone loves my dad's potato salad. All of the fresh vegetables give it a refreshing crunch. I love it with his famous ribs . I love it with Maine red hotdogs . I love it with my mom's baked beans (Aunt Peg's Baked Bean recipe coming soon). Well, I just love it. Download the Printer-Friendly  Potato Salad Recipe Card

The Best Cooking Method for Wings

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and slathered in a zesty sauce, that's how I like my wings. I used to think that I needed to fry them in hot oil to achieve this perfection, but after I tried Alton Brown's method , I knew there was a healthier way to get the same results... or even better. When we are in the mood for going out for wings, one of our favorite places to hit is Buffalo Wild Wings because of their delicious selection of sauces. My husband first found BW3's in Ohio when he was attending Denison University . When he came to the University of Maryland for graduate school, he was missing his beloved wings so much that he mail-ordered the Spicy Garlic sauce online and contacted the company trying to persuade them that College Park was the perfect location to open a new restaurant. Although it didn't happen right away, it was something like 7 years later (Scott now being a Director and Faculty member at UMD), that sure enough a BW3's op