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Our Hawaiian Honeymoon - June, 2007
How many times have you clicked on an internet travel deal only to find that the final price is way more than initially advertised or the dates you need aren't available. Maybe you got a great deal, but missed a few fine print details and your trip was ruined, and you had no one to call to help fix the problem. I have a solution... and her name is Lisa Olson from Simmon's Travel, Inc. I was first introduced to Lisa when she booked a Carnival Cruise trip to Nassau, Bahamas for me and three of my girlfriends. It was on the last night of this cruise that I met my husband Scott. I have been relying on Lisa ever since to book all of our travel needs. She is a well-seasoned travel agent that has the knowledge to customize the perfect vacation based on the criteria you give her. Her customer service and attention to detail are impeccable.

Miami Sunrise Carnival Cruise 04
Beantown Bunch Terminal 3 MIA

She is the person you want on the phone when you find yourself in a jam, and we have tested that out a few times. Like the time we arrived at the airport for our two-week honeymoon in the Hawaiian islands only to find we left our itinerary (with all of our rentals, reservations and inter-island flights) on the plane. One call to Lisa and a new itinerary arrived at our hotel before we did.

Practicing my new signature on the flight to Oahu, HI
Or the time we arrived at the terminal to find that Scott's briefcase full of student final exams (that needed to be graded by midnight) had been left behind in our car and we ended up missing our flight to Miami for an extended Christmas vacation and a family wedding. We were supposed to pick up a rental car and then grab my parents in Fort Lauderdale and then meet up with my mother-in-law. Well everyone was in Miami but us and the car rental agency (who will remain nameless) was lacking any Christmas spirit... even though we were wiling to just pay for the full week and arrive a day late they wanted to charge us over $2,000 for a whole new reservation... bahumbug! Needless to say I was in tears when I called Lisa this time but her voice, level head, and willingness to help were all it took to put me at ease. While Scott and I worked with AirTran (who were awesome) to get on the next flight out, the following day, Lisa called both of our moms to work out logistics so that they could meet up, grab the rental, and pick us up at the Miami airport the following day. To say she goes above and beyond is an understatement, and because of this I recommend her to all of my friends and family and everyone has loved working with her.

New Year's Eve fireworks at The Biltmore Hotel Miami/ Coral Gables, FL
Red Fish Grille Miami/ Coral Gables, FL
You should know that the only thing Lisa charges for is booking airfare, which is $20 per person. Any other trip planning or booking with cruises or hotels is free of charge. Although she gets a commission from those companies, you never have to worry that she is going base her recommendations on those commissions.

FYI - The other thing I would highly recommend is travel insurance. We use Travel Guard, it is relatively cheap and is a lifesaver if you have to use it... which we have. Scott's professional Sony Alpha camera was stolen in Cancun and the insurance company helped cover it. When DC was shut down for a week due to the epic snow storm in 2010 our "babymoon" (a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas) was cancelled because but we were able to rebook for March because we had bought the insurance.

Babymoon Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas 2010
On stage playing the Newlywed Game

Whether you are booking as an individual, family, or large group give Lisa a call 1-800-762-4116 or e-mail her at Let her do all the work so you can simply kick your heels up and enjoy your trip.
On our oceanfront lanai at Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, Kailua-Kona, HI


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