The Best Cooking Method for Wings

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and slathered in a zesty sauce, that's how I like my wings. I used to think that I needed to fry them in hot oil to achieve this perfection, but after I tried Alton Brown's method, I knew there was a healthier way to get the same results... or even better.

When we are in the mood for going out for wings, one of our favorite places to hit is Buffalo Wild Wings because of their delicious selection of sauces. My husband first found BW3's in Ohio when he was attending Denison University. When he came to the University of Maryland for graduate school, he was missing his beloved wings so much that he mail-ordered the Spicy Garlic sauce online and contacted the company trying to persuade them that College Park was the perfect location to open a new restaurant. Although it didn't happen right away, it was something like 7 years later (Scott now being a Director and Faculty member at UMD), that sure enough a BW3's opened up in CP. Needless to say, Scott likes to think he is the reason for this happening. Did I mention that one of his classes is Communication and Persuasion? :)

Spicy garlic and mango habanero are two of our "go to" BW3 sauces. You can buy the sauces and dry rubs at the restaurant, or online, and with Alton's method you can make restaurant quality wings at home.

Sorry pup, I think these may be too spicy for your sensitive tummy.


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