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Aunt Peg's Wicked Good Pizza Butter

What is pizza butter? It is a mixture of butter, tomato paste, mozzarella, and spices that is spread on English Muffins to make mini pizzas. Pizza butter takes under five minutes to make, but can be stored in your fridge for several days of enjoyment.  Top with your favorite toppings and put under the broiler for 5 min. If you need a quick individual snack or an appetizer for the masses, pizza butter is the answer. View the printer-friendly Pizza Butter Recipe Card

Carlty Bryer's Wicked Good Baby Back Ribs

These ribs are "falling off the bone"delicious! Making perfect ribs doesn't take skill just time and your favorite barbecue sauce. Carlty Bryer like's to use Ah-So , a sauce that produces one of a kind restaurant quality Chinese barbecue spareribs. Unless you live in New England, you may not be able to find AhSo in your local grocery store but it is worth ordering it online. I have recently discovered World Harbors Maui Mountain Sweet'n Sour Sauce and I have to say it is our new favorite. View the printer-friendly Carlty Bryer's Wicked Good Baby Back Ribs Recipe Card


That's right now you can make barbacoa as good as Chipotle's at home! Perfecting this recipe started as a bet... while my husband Scott and his good friend Steve were enjoying one of their many grad school barbacoa lunches from Chipotle, Steve made the comment, "I don't think even Jan could make it this good." Oh, the challenge was on! I searched the web and found several recipes claiming to be the real deal but I decided to base mine off a copycat recipe I found on Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes . So how did it come out? Let's just say Steve ate his words and several of these burritos :) Heads up, you'll need a crockpot for this one. View the printer-friendly Barbacoa Recipe Card

Un-Percolated Perfection

When I was around 7 years old I made a chocolate coffee cake for my dad’s birthday all by myself, and from scratch. No help. I was very proud of this cake because it had multiple layers and two different types of frosting. It was a recipe that many adults may have found intimidating, let alone a seven year old, but I confidently and meticulously plugged away step by step until it was finished to my liking. It looked like a masterpiece and I was beaming with pride as I showed my mom and dad what I was able to create for this special occasion. I remember the countless praises they gave me for how beautiful it looked and how much effort I had put into it. After dinner I was filled with anticipation as my mom and dad took their first bite into this cake that I had spent all afternoon creating. Simultaneously I dove my own fork into this chocolate delicacy and took a bite. I suddenly realized that something was wrong. My beautiful cake tasted gritty. How could this be? I had followed the in

5 Minute Guacamole

Back when I was going to school at Burman University  for Adventure Based Counseling , my friend Ryan made some of the best guacamole that I had ever had. It was the first time I had seen anyone include a dollop of mayo in their guac. I use his trick along with a Concord Guacamole spice packet to make a ridiculously easy guacamole that my friends can't get enough of. Prep time: 5 minutes Serves:10 Difficulty:  ⭑ ⭑⭑ ⭑ ⭑ Ingredients: 1 tablespoon mayo splash of lime juice (optional) 3 Hass Avocados 1 plum tomato chopped Concord Foods Guacamole Packet - I use extra-spicy (see link) In the Kitchen Halve avocados. Spoon filling into a bowl, discarding skins but reserving one seed. Lightly mash avocado. Add guacamole spice kit, 1 tablespoon mayo, and a splash of lime juice. Gently mix. Fold in chopped tomato. Place guacamole in a small serving dish and place one seed in the middle of dip. Cover and chill at least 1 hour before serving.