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Brandy Balls: A Sweet Treat With a Little Kick

Almost every Christmas, my mom would make a large assortment of hand-dipped chocolates and candies that we would give out to family and friends. There are only two things I can think of that I selfishly haven't shared recipes for, my mom's collection of confections and my dad's spaghetti sauce (both with the idea that one day I may make them into a family business). I'm still hanging on tight to my dad's sauce, but after several requests this year for the chocolate and candy recipes, I decided it was time to share the confectionary love. Starting with posts for the easiest recipes and then moving on to ones that are a little more complex.  My mom catered her own wedding (no surprise) with the help of her mentor and dear friend, Polly Webster. These brandy balls were served at the reception, and mom reports that my Grampy Vaughn was a huge fan of them. They are wicked easy to make and so good that there were only three brandy balls left when I realized I still needed

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