FoodSaver: A GNG Must-Have

In early June, in preparation for possible extended quarantine and food shortages, we decided to get an extra freezer. Unfortunately, the freezer was too big to fit in our storage room, so it's home for now is in our dining room. Sometimes you just got to roll with it, and really, who cares? It's not like we are having company over right now, and our priority it function over Feng Shui. 

Luckily, on our summer commute route to our borrowed beach house in Calvert County, there is specialty grocery store, Nick's of Calvert. Nick's has a phenomenal high quality butcher counter, and the best part is that you can buy in bulk and save a bundle! Over the summer we made multiple trips to Nicks to slowly stock our freezer. 

The last thing I wanted to do is invest in filling our freezer and a few months later pull things out to find freezer burn. It was time to dust off my FoodSaver. My partner is crime in the meat packing process was my mom. Early in the morning, we would throw on our head bands, turn on the tunes, and start our assembly line, like Lucy and Ethel but way more efficient. FYI: FoodSaver Preservation Systems can extend the freshness of our food for up to 5x's longer than regular food storage methods. Check out this chart to see the difference!

female holding pan filled with vacuum packed steaks

I'm going to start with a few of my favorites. 

Pan filled with vacuum packed bacon

I LOVE using the FoodSaver for bacon because we can make smaller portions keeping the bacon fresher longer and decreasing waste. For us, 8 slices per package is the magic number. My favorite way to cook bacon, especially for a crowd, is using this baking method.

vacuum packed steaks

Buying Nick's filet mignon in bulk is way more economical than you make think. It was considerably cheaper than most cuts of steak at our local Giant. Whether seared outside on the grill or on a cast iron skillet in the convenience of my kitchen, these steaks come out so fricken tender!

pan of vacuum packed chicken

I use a combo of boneless chicken thighs and chicken breasts for my Cuban Arroz con Pollo recipe.

Pan of vacuum packed steaks

This girl loves a little gristle (ok a lot of gristle) on my steaks, so Ribeyes continue to be my favorite. Bring on the A1 and horseradish!

Vacuum packed salmon

Lather a layer of fresh pesto on your salmon and throw it in the oven for a quick and easy dinner. So good! 

Vacuum packed chicken

Unless I'm grilling, I rely on boneless chicken thighs to ensure tasty and tender results. This Thai Red Curry Chicken is one of my favorite chicken recipes. 

Vacuum packed hamburger

Whether for char broiled burgers, Tuesday tacos, or our favorite comfort casseroles we've got 2 lb portions of ground round ready to go. 

GNG tip (for DMV locals): Nick's of Calvert also has a phenomenal deli/ take out counter offering freshly stuffed subs at a wicked cheap price. Our favorite is the Prime Rib Steak and Cheese. Also, picking up a pint of frozen Mick's Cream of Crab Soup (condensed) is a must. It is absolutely addicting and the best Maryland cream of crab soup I have ever had!


  1. We use the Foodsaver vacuum sealing system for our Sous Vide machine... we should use it for more things like this. Thanks


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