May 3, 2013

Korean Spicy Pork Belly (Dwaejibulgogi)

Spicy Pork Belly (Dwaejibulgogi) and Bulgogi (Photo Courtesy of Chirocky6)

If you are looking for authentic Korean BBQ recipes to make at home here is a "spot on" recipe for Korean Spicy Pork Belly from Maangchi. I go to my local H-Mart to pick up all of the necessary ingredients like gochujang.

If you haven't been to a Korean BBQ you are missing out, on not only great food but a fun experience. I highly recommend visiting a Honey Pig in the DC area. The food is tasty, they are open 24hrs a day (except for Mondays) and prices are beyond reasonable. $9.99 for a lunch special that includes a side? Um... yes please! In fact, right now they are offering a 50% off deal on groupon. " Get it while you can, I already grabbed mine :)

Last week my high school BFF Nancy flew out from Chicago to run the Inaugural Nike Women's Half-Marathon in DC. She is always up for foodie adventures so we ventured out to the Honey Pig in Ellicott, City Maryland. Here are a few pics...

Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup

Cold Spicy Buckwheat Soup (Photo Courtesy of Chirocky6)

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