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About the Golden Nugget Gourmet

January & Morgan (10 mths)
I have been teaching people how to cook since the age of 6. No joke, I have the picture to prove it! It all started in Mrs. D’Ericco’s first grade class, at Mary Snow Middle School in Bangor, Maine. I’m not sure whether I told my Mom that we were making bread in class the next day and I asked if she would teach me how, or whether she found out and offered to help me practice. All in all, we baked bread that night and the next morning I confidently stood next to Mrs. D’Errico and instructed the class, step by step, how to bake a loaf of bread. Again, I’m not sure if Mrs. D’Errico asked or I just took the lead, (I’m sure those of you who know me and love me would guess the latter) but this was the beginning of my journey as a professional cook. I said professional, not paid.

My personal experience in cooking stems even farther back, so far back that I can’t even remember what I was even cooking at the time. But I know that I was. Both my Mom and Dad are phenomenal cooks, and they had me helping in the kitchen as soon as I had the fine motor skills to stir a spoon in a bowl. My cooking style is the perfect balance between my Mom’s and Dad’s. I often refer to my Mom as the original Martha Stewart. I’m pretty sure that Martha is older than my Mom, but I was influenced by my Mom’s perfected creations of everything domestic way before I had even heard of Martha Stewart. The majority of the time my Mom follows a recipe to the T and will work on the final product until it looks “just right”. On the other hand, my Dad rarely uses a recipe, literally throwing stuff together but the outcome is always fantastic. From a young age, I have tasted homemade perfection whether labored upon for hours or thrown together in minutes, and I strive to find that perfection in my own cooking.

I cannot have an about me section without mentioning my husband Scott and 10 month old son Morgan. The Golden Nugget Gourmet would not exist without Scott. He is my tech, photographer, and biggest cheerleader. Our son Morgan is my number 1 Golden Nugget. He has never eaten a jar of baby food, only homemade creations, so all potential suitors better get out their easy bake ovens and start practicing.

Throughout this blog I will offer stories of how lessons from the kitchen can make us not only better cooks, but more importantly better people. Life is better when shared and I have often shared my life on the plates that I serve my family and friends. I have always made my own path in life, and in doing so I have found myself immersed in several cultures other than my own. Food is a bridge that can link people from other cultures together. Food allows a person to share a little bit about themselves and where they come from. The personal dishes that I include in this blog have influenced the compass that led me to where I am today. I hope that you will join me as I reflect upon my journey and while hopping on my path, I hope you gain inspiration and knowledge that helps to enhance or cultivate your own.
Mrs. D’Ericc0 and I - Mary Snow School (circa 1982)

Thank you Mrs. D’Ericco for giving me my first platform as a professional cook. You have always been my favorite school teacher. And being the only child that I am, I am confident that throughout all your years of teaching, I remain your favorite first grader :)

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