Why the name Golden Nugget Gourmet? First, I knew that I wanted a cooking blog that was not just about food, but also life’s lessons that have…and can… be learned in the kitchen. I went back and forth trying to find a name that naturally connected the two, and then a book popped in my head that instantaneously brought all of my ideas together. Gold Nuggets, is an experiential education book that my mentor and friend, Eric Taylor, has used for years to ignite a motivational spark in those of us lucky enough to have attended Leader’s School in Ellsworth, Maine. For me, this book is an Outdoor Education Bible that has provided a lifetime of “golden nuggets” to reflect upon. The recipes and lessons that I share on this blog I consider golden nuggets.

The Food: The recipes I share on this blog are a compilation of family, friends’, and personal creations as well as recipes that I have collected while perusing cookbooks and the internet. I will never post a recipe just to post a recipe. If I post a recipe that means I have made it for myself and believe that it is a “must have” recipe. I want the Golden Nugget Gourmet to be a blog that you can rely on for absolutely solid recipes and don’t have to question whether or not the recipe is going to be a crowd pleaser. I want you to feel absolutely confident that a recipe posted by The Golden Nugget Gourmet is an absolute safe bet to make for the first time and serve to company.

The Pics: Unfortunately, I have found that just because it looks good doesn’t mean it tastes good. Have you ever found a recipe online and the picture looked delightful but your final product was a disaster? The Golden Nugget Gourmet is about the food first and getting a great shot second. I am lucky that my husband is a fabulous photographer (www.ScottRobertsPhoto.com) but he has a full-time job and isn’t always home when “the lighting” is good. If you see a great picture it is more than likely a weekend shot. There may be times that I put up a recipe without a picture because the recipe is too good to wait. I hope that The Golden Nugget Gourmet will become your trusted go to food blog with recipes that are enticing with or without a picture.

Compensation: I am a stay-at-home Mom that would love to get paid for doing something that I love to do. Will I accept freebies? Absolutely! But, I will never endorse a product or business in a post or in the Shopping Cart just because I received some type of compensation from them. If I endorse a product or business on The Golden Nugget Gourmet it is because I truly love it and consider it a golden nugget and want to share it with you.

To be continued…….

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