Crock-Pot Tikka Masala

Whether you love going to your local Indian restaurant for Tikka Masala or you have been curious to try Indian food in general, then you definitely want this recipe from Kindra at Meal Planning 101. It's restaurant quality, and my husband Scott would argue it's better.

For those of you in the DC area, GNG recommends when you are not in the mood to cook that you head on over to Tiffin in East Takoma Park, MD. I was first introduced to this restaurant by one of Scott's mentors (from UMD) and his wife. I immediately thought that this was a local golden nugget and I love it so much that Morgan and I often frequent the extensive lunch buffet on our way home from preschool on Thursdays. The food and service are topnotch. Morgie would like to recommend it especially for the house mango juice.


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