Freezer Burritos Recipe

Before leaving for our extended Christmas vacation in Massachusetts I worked furiously to fill our freezer with quick and easy meals that would feed Scott until he is able to join us. It's the end of the semester so he is extremely busy with running the Office of Undergraduate Studies and teaching, plus the zillion other projects he has taken on. On top of all of this, last weekend he also had to prepare the condo for an appraisal to refinance and conduct two rounds of Intel evaluations (so that I get to go to the fancy awards gala in March). With his hectic schedule, and me out of the kitchen, I wanted to make sure that he still had delicious and nourishing food that just needed heating.

I found this fantastic freezer-friendly beef burrito recipe at Taste of Home and made a batch. He LOVES them!

What is your favorite freezer-friendly meal?


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