Maryland Crab Soup

Last week's threat of below freezing temperatures and school cancellations inspired me to make a steamy batch of Maryland Crab Soup. I chose this authentic Chesapeake Bay recipe from BigSerious because it started with a homemade beef broth developed from braised oxtails and called for at least 2 Tablespoons of Old Bay... I used 3 :) Slowly simmering the braised beef broth brought a delicious depth to the soup.

I'm definitely not an expert on Marland Crab Soup. I'm a Mainer, not a Marylander. I was brought up on lobstah and creamy clam chowda not crabs and Old Bay so I humbly relied upon the opinions of my future sister-in-law Erica and other Maryland natives as to whether or not this was a golden nugget recipe. I'm relieved to say that "perfect" was a common response.

GNG Tip: I used a 32 oz. box of Kitchen Basics seafood stock in place of some of the water the recipe calls for.


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