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A Taste of the Good Life

It has become our family's tradition to celebrate the 4th July in Baylake Pines, Virginia Beach with our good friends (extended family really) the Imrich's. This tradition always begins with a stop at the Bayville TASTE Unlimited for lunch before setting up camp for the week. Last summer as we drove into the parking lot to grab our first meal we noticed that they were holding a 40th Anniverary Photo Contest on Facebook and the Grand Prize was a thousand dollar gift certificate! OMG whoever won could eat there for life! The theme was "Show Your Love for the Taste." We brainstormed for a couple of days and then Scott came up with the idea that involved standing in the median of Shore Drive (in the blazing hot sun) until we created the perfect shot. There were tons of fantastic photo entries that captured their heartfelt connection to this culinary landmark but we were ecstatic when they announced Scott was the winner. I was happy for him even though he beat out my own entry (below)... though I will humbly admit that even though it was hard to accept defeat :) Scott's picture truly encapsulated a general expression of everyones love for the Taste Unlimited.

What I really love about this story is that Scott's first reaction was not that we were going to eat here for life but we would wait until the following 4th of July and throw a catered dinner for the Imrich's and tell them to invite whomever they wanted. We followed through with his idea and threw a catered feast at the Imrich's for their family and friends. Here is a pic with Sandy the Bayville Manager, Jeremy the catering manager, and another very photogenic staff member who is unfortunately washed out (as is my dress) because Chris was responsible for taking the pic :)

Prior to arriving at VA Beach we spent a few days contemplating what to order because everything on the catering menu sounded so darn delicious. Scott left me in charge of ordering but made it clear that he didn't want to do the everyday sandwich order (which are also outstanding) but instead treat guests to a more decadent menu that would probably introduce most of our local guests to items that they had never had there before. Here is the phenomenal tapas style menu his photo provided.

Lobster Salad Sliders Succulent lobster salad on brioche slider rolls

Bacon Wrapped Scallops  (GF) Tender scallops wrapped in Edwards’ thick-sliced Virginia hickory smoked bacon, served chilled

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Canap├ęs Thinly sliced herb-marinated tenderloin with horseradish cream on baguette slices

Grilled Marinated Shrimp Platter (GF) Garlic and herb-marinated then grilled to perfection   

Virginia Ham Biscuits  Edwards’ of Surry country ham served on Jane’s sweet potato biscuits from Franklin, served with a dollop of Virginia Chutney Company Peach Chutney

FYI- There were several guests that usually do not care for ham but loved these sandwiches! A perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Mini Crab Cakes ( GF) Served with chili-lime aioli

Side of wild-caught West Coast Salmon (2lb. avg.), marinated in Asian spices then grilled and served with cucumber-wasabi sauce and rice crackers
Our Bayville Taste Unlimited Spread

The food and staff at the Bayville Taste are top-notch and whether you are picking up some sandwiches for the beach (beachfront locations actually offer dune delivery), looking for must-have homemade cheese spreads or mom-and-pop style specialty items like KimKim 
Sauce, or planning a catered dinner party, I highly recommend checking them out. We are fans for life and were well before receiving such a generous Grand Prize. Although we will not be eating there for life (free of charge) we were able to celebrate a once in a lifetime event with our friends. Priceless :)

What is your favorite Taste Unlimited item?


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