Martha Stewart's Method for Roasting a Perfect Turkey

It was Thanksgiving 2011 when I discovered Martha Stewart's method for roasting a perfect turkey. I had always had pretty good success with my turkeys in the past but had never been able to achieve this type of perfection. The skin was crisp and gorgeously browned and the meat remained tender and juicy. The addition of white wine helped to produce a rich gravy from the pan drippings. Whether this is your first time cooking a turkey, or you are a seasoned home cook, you are going to want to save this golden nugget for the upcoming holidays.

Basting with butter and white wine

Thanksgiving Turkey 2011

Looks like this little guy was satisfied :)

Morgie Thanksgiving 2011 (16 mo)
If you are still searching for some Thanksgiving sides, check out these Golden Nugget family recipes.

Oyster Stuffing 

Aunt Peg's Wicked Good Deviled Eggs

Aunt Peg's Wicked Good Cranberry Relish

Got Leftovers? Find out how to make this gourmet hot turkey sandwich.
Gourmet Hot Turkey Sandwich

What are your favorite Thanksgiving sides?


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