Four Layer Beef and Bacon Casserole (Paleo)

I started my CrossfFit journey last spring when I joined an all-women's "New You Challenge" with CrossFit Hard in North Bethesda, MD. During these 6 weeks, I participated in the grueling Memorial Day Murph Challenge (totally modified for me and my fellow newbies) that ended with a Paleo-Friendly pot-luck bbq. Honestly, the only thing more important to me than my physical performance at the Murph was my culinary performance. After an extensive Google search, the title "39 Healthy Paleo Casseroles That Would Make Nana Proud" from Paleo Grubs caught my eye. There were several tempting recipes but I chose the Four Layer Beef and Bacon Casserole recipe as my prized dish.

Pan of four layer beef and bacon casserole

After the CrossFit Murph I was completely wiped out... 

With Mel, a fellow New You Challenger, and our coach, David.

And so was my Paleo casserole! I was able to grab a quick pic before it was completely gone.

GNG Tip: I was sweating how I was going to keep my casserole hot throughout the lengthy transport and the duration of the entire CrossFit Murph Challenge (we're talking two hours before meal time). This Pyrex Casserole Carrier that I purchased from Target solved my pot-luck problem. 


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