Cloth Diaper Swimmis and Swim Coordinates

Morgie is a water baby so finding cute, reliable, and reusable cloth swimming diapers is a must for our family. After reading several online reviews we chose Bummis Swimmis and have been absolutely happy with our purchase. I have so far gotten almost 2 years of use (summer pool seasons and winter vacations) out of these swimmis and they look and perform just as good as when I first bought them. 

Watch for rockbottom online sales from Gymboree's Swim Shop. You will save a ton of money! During Morgie's first year, I planned ahead, purchasing offseason, and was able to snag matching rash guards, shorts, and hats for well under $5 a piece (original prices averaged $20). This year I forgot to do so, and spent a small fortune outfitting him for our March trip to Punta Cana.  I learned my lesson and will be looking for this sale over the next couple of months. Let me know if you want a heads up when the sale begins.

GNG highly recommends picking up a couple of rash guards for babies and small children, especially if you are going somewhere tropical. We felt reassured knowing that the rash guard provided Morgie with an extra layer of defense (paired with sunscreen) against the blazing sun. By the end of the week, he had a healthy color and no sunburn. While on the beach we had several families come up to us and ask where we got the rash guards and wished that they had picked some up. Morgie befriended a cute little girl Julietta, from Argentina, and loaned her one of his for the week. Here's a pic of he and his beach buddy heading for the surf.


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